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Donja Brusovača 8, 47220 Vojnić, Kroatië


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About Projekt Duga

Project Duga translates to Project Rainbow, where the rainbow symbolizes a covenant as seen in Noah's story after the flood. It represents God's covenant with "every living soul" where everyone has an equal opportunity to live through His Life. Our project and its name have absolutely nothing to do with LGTBHKLMOP politics or any other political agenda.

Our project is located in "Kordun" (formerly Krajina), an abandoned region in the inland of Croatia, near the border with Bosnia. The region is characterized by the presence of minorities: returning Serbs, Croatian Muslims, and Croatians who fled from Bosnia after the war. It is a forgotten region, presenting a great challenge to work towards reconciliation and a bond of friendship. The project has been active since May 1999 and focuses on single seniors, children, and youth.

The project has its own campsite accommodating 30 to 50 people. It consists of three camping cabins, each with six beds, a sleeping loft with 16 beds, several caravans, a simple kitchen, and a café in a stable ("Café Bethlehem"). The campsite is maintained by local youth and children from "The Lion Gang" and by visiting groups.


Projekt Duga started in 1999 as an initiative of Dutch and Croatian volunteers from different churches. At the moment the project is mainly supported by the Evangelical Congregation Jonah in Ede, but volunteers are participants from different (types of) churches.



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A few years ago (in pre-pandemic era) we organized a fe...

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Welcome to Hostel Croatia, in The Middle of Nowhere but...

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In the middle of Croatia, in the middle of nature and w...

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Below is some information about a successful group trip...

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Also this year we would very much like to distribute 20...

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Traveling again to our project in Croatia. This time as...

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Monday, 20 March 2023 10:12

Mission trip summer 2023

A few years ago (in pre-pandemic era) we organized a few Mission Trips to our project in Croatia where we as a family organized a mission project and youth work for 15 years. Due to the well-known events since spring 2020, the organization of these trips has stopped. But that does give me the opportunity to improve the project location, with the result that we can now receive groups of up to 50 people and that they all have a decent bed, spacious terraces, enough cooking facilities and sanitary facilities.
But I look forward to a third mission trip. I would very much like to get in touch with people who are interested in organizing the start of a possible Mission Trip with me. In previous times, the core of the group was a teen group with a few adults and families joining. But that's not the only option for me. I think that the location in Croatia, especially in terms of "spiritual location" as being a crossroads of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faith and Islam, with a new influx of refugees from Syria, Pakistan and refugees as a result of the war in Ukraine that pass by us daily, are a huge challenge for believers to be "Salt and Light". In any case, a fascinating place to learn, but also to relax and get to know each other better.
Leave through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via WhatsApp / mobile (0641286716) if you are interested in talking about this.
Regards, Meindert
Monday, 09 May 2022 11:50

Hostel Croatia - The Blue House

Welcome to Hostel Croatia, in The Middle of Nowhere but still easily accessible and with all basic amenities such as running water and electricity. There are 45 beds for rent and they all cost 15 euros per night. Are you coming with more than two people or with children? Then a discount is possible. In all cases, please contact us via the contact page

History and origin of the youth hostel/hostel

Hostel Kroatie, or Hostel The Blue House (Hostel Blue House Croatia) - will only be available as a hostel from summer 2022. From 1999 this location has been used as a volunteer and youth project. It is a place where many activities have taken place that were organized for the local youth. Unfortunately, due to a lack of economic prospects, these young people have left this region. And then came corona. The lockdowns have been used to pay attention to the renovation of the location. The result is a nice sleeping loft, some nice camping cabins, shower building, inn with cooking facilities, playing fields and so on.

The hostel (the juegdherberg) was first used by VWO 6 students from the Pantarijn in Wageningen. In the fall of 2021, 40 students had a fantastic week here. In the spring of 2022, a group of 35 Havo 4 and VWO 5 students experienced the same week at the hostel and at the project location. The summer of 2022 will be used to further develop the project location. In the meantime, the hostel is ready as a sleeping accommodation and groups of up to 45 people are very welcome. Individuals, families, smaller groups are also very welcome at Hostel Blue House Croatia.

Get in touch via the contact page .

In the middle of Croatia, in the middle of nature and wooded area, near Plitvica, secluded and quiet, yet on the main road and easily accessible, in "The Middle of Nowhere" but actually in "The Middle of Everything", that is where Camping Croatia is located . Or do we call the campsite "Camping the Blue House"? Or "Camping Duga"? Come by, stay a few days and make an offer. Welcome to our adventure and choose an active holiday or a relaxing holiday with lots of rest.

The campsite / camping area offers a lot of space. Not only because of the camping houses and caravans, but also because we have access to 2 hectares of land. Enough space for your tent, caravan or camper. In addition, the camping site is located at the Youth Hostel or the Hostel "The Blue House Croatia" where there are also about twenty sleeping places.

Work on the campsite

In the last two years a lot has been done to renovate the Projekt Duga camping area. That worked out well.

At the moment we offer:

  • 3 camping houses, each with 6 beds, mattresses, fitted sheets, pillows, garden furniture and a terrace.
  • 2 caravans with terrace. One of the caravans is also suitable for hanging behind the car and then taking it to the sea (rental).
  • A large camping field for tents.
  • Some quality tents for rental.
  • A sleeping loft with 17 beds.
  • Shower block with 4 showers and 8 toilets.
  • Kitchen with multiple cooking facilities.
  • Play areas.
  • A guest house with 4 beds, private toilet and water.

Group accommodation and group travel

The location is very suitable as a group accommodation and for group travel. Camping with groups of up to 50 people is very well possible.

Would you also like a camping adventure in this beautiful area? Then come back to this website for more information or contact us via the contact page.

Preliminary prices:

  • 15 euros per person per night including use of the facilities and including a place to sleep (bed with mattress, pillow, fitted sheet).
  • 8 euros per child per night (up to and including 12 years).
  • Groups: 30 euros per day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Below is some information about a successful group trip in the context of Traveling abroad for students from the Netherlands. It concerned a group of 40 people who all found a place to sleep in our camping houses and in the attic of the Youth Hostel / Hostel "Blue House Croatia".

Secondary school Het Pantarijn from Wageningen

Soon we will be traveling again. From April 16 to April 22, we expect a group of 40 students at our project location "In the Middle of Nowhere". In this article some practical information for those who also consider coming to visit us. This time a trip abroad, organized by the RSG Pantarijn, a secondary school in Wageningen. Let us know via the contact page if your school is also interested in a similar adventure and a fully organized trip abroad for your students.

Excursions within Croatia

We get the complete project location in use from "Projekt Duga". See Google Maps for more info: https://goo.gl/maps/rXkN1HoqbiYJCAPU9 - Furthermore, we use four days for four domestic excursions. Check out this padlet for some information:

Made with Padlet

Also this year we would very much like to distribute 20 Christmas packages to the single elderly and the families we know in Croatia and Bosnia. Every year I forget to ask for donations in advance because of the hustle and bustle of work and life in the Netherlands, but every year it eventually works out. Here's the info:

  • Wanted: donations for 20 Christmas packages
  • Cost: 25 euros per package
  • In Croatia we do the shopping for the packages
  • We make it 20 beautiful packages
  • We have a list of well-known elderly people and families that we would like to give a package
  • If you are interested, please contact Meindert Jorna via WhatsApp (06 41286716) or via Facebook (Messenger, see bottom right) or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Then we know for how many packages we can ultimately go shopping.


Meindert A. Jorna

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 21:07

Travel vlog Croatia - season 5

Traveling again to our project in Croatia. This time as a complete family. That's been a while ago. Last summer was the last time. In the meantime I have traveled back and forth four times and usually I also make a travel vlog. Not always anyway. This time it did, and that's season 5 as far as these travel vlogs are concerned. Stay informed about the goings-on in Croatia, the corona measures while traveling or during your stay in Croatia and about the renovation of our camping site, the camping houses, our own house and so on. In season 5 a lot of attention is paid to the transformation of our house: from filthy to the most beautiful house in the Balkans. Blue, artfully painted, unique.

Support the renovation of the camping houses via: https://supp.to/kampeerhuisjes-kroatie

There are currently two concrete projects in Croatia for which we are looking for donors in the short term.
The Christmas hamper campaign and the renovation of the camping houses, so that groups can come and camp with us. Both actions are going reasonably well, but they still need the necessary financial support until December 20. The aim of the Christmas gift campaign is 25 packages (of 25 euros) for families and single elderly people in Croatia. We already have donors for 15 packages and are therefore still looking for 10 x 25 euros in donors. 2100 euros has been budgeted for renovation of the 3 camping houses (15 beds), of which 495 euros have already been received in donations. If you are interested, please send me a message (Meindert Jorna) via Facebook, via WhatsApp (06 41286716) or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Help us through: https://supp.to/kampeerhuisjes-kroatie

The first donations! In total 360 of the 2100 euros. Super. But how nice would it be if we get the three camping houses completely renovated this summer?

State of the houses, July 2020

Here is a preliminary list of points of interest as I noted them on arrival in Croatia on July 20, 2020

Condition of the houses:

  1. Holes in roofs due to hail.
  2. Exterior walls damaged by hail.
  3. Beds need repair (especially slatted bases).
  4. Windows and doors need to be replaced.
  5. Locks and fittings on windows and doors.
  6. Current terraces need to be renovated again (tiles broken, concrete damaged).
  7. New terraces needed next to houses for shade.
  8. Covering new terraces by extending the roof.
  9. Ceilings need to be repaired.
  10. Interior trim.
  11. Furnishing cottages (curtains, stove, coffee machine).
  12. Electricity of the houses must be installed.
  13. Outdoor shower and water supply to be constructed.
  14. Shared picnic area to be constructed.
  15. Planting trees for future shade.
  16. Creating gardens around camping houses.

It is estimated that this will cost 700 euros per house in terms of materials.

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